Outreach and Events

The Lundbeck Foundation sees The Brain Prize as a powerful tool for establishing and strengthening networks within the international neuroscience community, and for educating the public about the brain, and the importance of brain research. To realize this potential, a comprehensive outreach program follows the award ceremony.
The outreach programme actively involves the prize winners, and comprises activities such as lectures at Danish universities, and major international neuroscience conferences, and The Brain Prize meetings which cover the research area of the current year’s winners. Many of the outreach activities are carried out with our international partners, FENS, ECNP, BNA, CAN, EAN, and JNS.

The outreach programme is conducted in a close collaboration between the Lundbeck Foundation and The Brain Prize Council which is composed of representatives from the three major Danish universities (University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University and University of Southern Denmark) and the Danish Society for Neuroscience.


The Brain Prize