The Brain Prize is a 10 million DKK (approx. 1,3 million €) personal research prize awarded annually by the Lundbeck Foundation. The Brain Prize is awarded to one or more scientists who have distinguished themselves by making an outstanding contribution to neuroscience and who are still active in research.

The Brain Prize recognises highly original and influential advances in any area of brain research, from basic neuroscience to applied clinical research, and winners may be of any nationality and work in any country around the globe. This broad perspective is reflected in the diverse fields of previous Brain Prize winners (The Brain Prize Laureates).

Nomination and Selection

Only candidates who are nominated by others will be considered for The Brain Prize. Further details of the nomination criteria can be found on our nominations page and nominations can be made online here.
The rewarded research must – from an international perspective – be outstanding. It is the task of The Brain Prize Selection Committee to decide in each individual case, what characterizes the research as outstanding and therefore deserves the prize. The current selection committee consists of 9 eminent neuroscientists who are leaders in their respective fields.

Purpose and Outreach

Following the award of The Brain Prize, winners engage in a series of outreach activities and events, organised by The Brain Prize team at the Lundbeck Foundation. These activities not only celebrate the achievements of the winners but also serve to establish and strengthen collaboration within the Danish and international neuroscience community. The Brain Prize is also used to engage with and educate the public about the importance, challenges, and breakthroughs in brain research.
The Brain Prize is at the heart of the Lundbeck Foundation’s strategic priorities of making Denmark a world leading neuroscience research nation, and of raising public awareness of the brain, brain disorders and the importance of brain research.


The Brain Prize