The world's largest brain research prize is Danish and is awarded by the Lundbeck Foundation. Each year, we award 10 million DKK (approx. 1,3 million€) to one or more brain researchers who have had a ground-breaking impact on brain research.

Winners of The Brain Prize 2020

Professor Sir Adrian Bird

University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Professor Huda Zoghbi

Baylor College of Medicine, USA

“Professor Huda Zoghbi and Professor Sir Adrian Bird have been awarded The Brain Prize 2020, worth 10 million Danish kroner, for their groundbreaking work to map and understand epigenetic regulation of the brain and for identifying the gene that causes Rett syndrome. Due to their research, we’re also closer to a treatment breakthrough and we’ve come to understand that neurological developmental disorders are not necessarily irreversible.”

The Brain Prize Selection Committee

Richard Morris, United Kingdom – Chairman
Story Landis, USA – Vice-Chairwoman
Catherine Dulac, USA
Geoffrey Donnan, Australia
Irene Tracey, United Kingdom
Joseph Coyle, USA
Mu-ming Poo, China
Ole Petter Ottersen, Sweden
Philip Scheltens, The Netherlands

The artist behind the medal

Margrete Sørensen is a prominent Danish sculptor. She works in a variety of materials and media, and her sculptures have been exhibited all over the world, from the Leo Castelli Gallery in New York to the Sao Paolo Biennale.

Her approach is grounded in constructivism, but she also explores the concept of the unknown in her large, almost architectural installations with organic, sensory structures. Margrete Sørensen has been awarded the Eckersberg Medal by The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Outreach and Events

A comprehensive outreach programme follows the award ceremony. The outreach programme actively involves the prize winners, and it comprises activities such as lectures, master classes, seminars, summer schools and exchange programmes for researchers.

Programme & Calendar

The outreach programme is conducted in a close collaboration with the three major Danish universities (University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University and University of Southern Denmark) and the Danish Society for Neuroscience together with a wide range of international partners.

The Brain Prize Council

The purpose of The Brain Prize Council is to provide the Grants & Prizes department of the Lundbeck Foundation with advice and guidance on all aspects of the outreach activities related to The Brain Prize.

The Brain Conferences

The Brain Conferences are high-level scientific meetings, where up to 150 experts on a given topic meet in a lively and intimate environment.