Securing diversity in Lundbeck Foundation’s grant making and prize awards

LF believes that diversity of gender, background, ideas and methodological approach strengthens all aspects of research, including, but not limited to, quality, problem solving, innovation and collaboration.

LF encourages demonstration and reflection of diversity in applications for grants and nominations for prizes.

LF strives to establish diversity across all grants and prizes still reflecting the presence of scientific talent, scientific merit, imagination and deserving candidates within the applicable target groups.

LF aims to ensure inclusive and unbiased processes, including, but not limited to, calls for applications and nominations, evaluation of applications and nominations, and selection of grantees and awardees.

Measures implementing the policy

Calls for applications and nominations

All calls for applications and nominations must appeal to all qualified candidates and must welcome diversity. Moreover, the wording of calls must aim to eliminate any bias.

  • Call texts must include a statement to the effect that LF welcomes diversity in applications/nominations
  • The wording of calls must ensure that the grant programme/prize is perceived as being inclusive
  • Words or phrases with the potential to induce bias in the application/nomination must be avoided

Application and nomination forms

All application and nomination forms must be designed and structured under headings that give everyone equal opportunity to write a qualified application/nomination, irrespective of gender, background or methodological approach.

  • The type and order of information requested on application and nomination forms must provide equal opportunities, irrespective of gender, background, ideas and methodological approaches
  • Application forms must request information about gender dimensions in the research and diversity of the research team


Applicants are encouraged to explore the gender dimensions in the research project. Where relevant, applicants must describe in their recruitment plan how they plan to ensure diversity and gender balance in their research team.

Review and scoring process by panels and committees

Internal review and scoring of applications and nominations are conducted according to a set of written instructions, ensuring that:

  1. Applications are assessed according to a set of pre-defined and specified criteria for each programme (Terms of Reference)
  2. Assessments are uniform across qualifications, scientific achievements and research plans
  3. Integration of the gender dimension in the research, and diversity within the research team, is rated alongside other relevant aspects of the application

Unbiased selection of grantees and nominees

Selection of grantees and nominees for any grant or prize will be preceded by a reminder to the panel or committee of LF’s diversity policy, information about the gender distribution in the previous year, in the pool of applications or nominees under consideration, and on how to reduce risk of unconscious bias.

LF’s Experiment grant making programme invites audacious and imaginative applications and explores the value of blind assessments. In this programme, the identity of the applicant is unknown to panel members during the assessment and scoring process.

In certain cases, grantees may be selected by lottery from a pool of the most qualified candidates. For instance, this may apply to selection of LF Postdocs and LF Ascending Investigators.

Panels and Committees

All LF panels and committees evaluating and recommending or evaluating and deciding on applications and nominations must strive to ensure 40% of representation of the underrepresented gender.

Panels and committees will be advised and instructed to avoid unconscious bias. LF will ensure that one or more members of a panel or committee have expertise related to diversity issues.

Members of panels and committees must work in full compliance with a set of written instructions including, but not limited to, the following themes:

  • Consideration of parenthood, parental leave and other care-related responsibilities when assessing progress in careers, including publication and citation rates
  • Acknowledgement of the value of diversity in career patterns and career trajectories     

External reviewers

Appropriate scientific qualifications, integrity and gender diversity are of the essence when soliciting expert opinions from external reviewers. The panels and committees must ensure that all applications and nominations are assessed by at least two reviewers and, if practical, one of each gender.


LF will annually monitor and report the gender distribution across all grants and prizes. Specifically, LF will monitor the gender balance among: applicants and nominees, short listed applicants and nominees, grantees and prize winners, and the composition of panels and external reviewers. LF’s Terms of Reference for individual programmes outline how to ensure unbiased and inclusive processes. These will be evaluated and updated if deemed necessary.



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