Acacia Pharma

Acacia Pharma is a commercial stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing novel products to improve the care of patients undergoing serious medical treatments such as surgery, invasive procedures, or chemotherapy.

Key Products in the products portfolio are; BARHEMSYS® (intravenous amisulpride): approved in the US for the treatment and prophylaxis of postoperative nausea & vomiting (PONV) either alone or incombination with antiemetics of a different class (February 2020) with US launch planned in 2H 2020 and BYFAVO™ (remimazolam) for injection: approved in the US for the induction and maintenance of procedural sedation in adults undergoing procedures lasting 30 minutes or less (July 2020). BYFAVO is in-licensed from Cosmo Pharmaceuticals for the US market. US launch is planned in 2H 2020.

Invested in 2011

IPO in 2018 – ACPH (Euronext Brussels)

Based in Cambridge, UK


Stem cell treatment for Acute Kidney Injury. Developed AC607, an off-the shelf treatment based on Mesenchymal Stem Cells.

Invested in 2012

Based in Burlington, Massachusetts, USA 

Amplyx Pharmaceuticals

Amplyx Pharmaceutical’s is developing a new class of antifungal medicine to overcome the limitations of existing therapeutic options. APX001, a broad-spectrum antifungal drug with a novel mechanism of action for the treatment of life-threatening invasive fungal infections caused by resistant Candida and by rare, hard-to-treat molds. Intravenous and oral formulations of APX001 have been evaluated in a Phase 1 clinical program and Phase 2 clinical trials in Candida are ongoing.

Invested in 2017

Based in San Diego, California

Asante Solutions

Asante Solutions, Inc. developed an easy-to-use, disposable insulin pump that was affordable, reliable, and had strong appeal to patients in terms of user friendliness and physical appearance. 

Invested in 2010

Based in Sunnyvale, California, USA 

Atox Bio

Atox Bio develops novel immunomodulators to treat critically ill patients. Initial focus is on patients with Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections (“flesh eating bacteria”), a rare, life threatening, infection for which no current therapy exists. AB103, the company’s lead product, is studied in ACCUTE (AB103 Clinical Composite endpoint study in necrotizing soft Tissue Infections), a phase IIb/III clinical trial. AB103 has received Orphan Drug designation from the FDA and EMA and Fast Track designation from the FDA.

Invested in 2014

Based in Ness Ziona, Israel

Aura Biosciences

Aura Biosciences is developing a new class of therapies to selectively target and destroy cancer cells. Its lead program, AU-011 in ocular melanoma, is in a Phase I/II trial under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

Invested in 2017

Based in Cambridge, MA, USA 


Biom’Up is a specialist in collagen-based absorbable medical devices for biosurgery and is marketing a new generation hemostatic product, HEMOBLAST TM approved in both the US and EU for use in Cardiothoracic, Abdominal, and Orthopedic Lower Extremity Surgeries.

Invested in 2015

IPO in 2017 – BUP (Euronext Paris)

Based in Saint-Priest, Lyon, France


BONESUPPORT has a platform for delivering drugs to bone using CERAMENT™.  This carrier is an injectable, radio opaque, bone void filler that rapidly remodels into bone. Bonesupport markets and sells CERAMENT™ in EU and USA and CERAMENT™ loaded with the antibiotics Gentamicin or Vancomycin in EU.

Invested in 2011

IPO in 2017 – BONEX (Nasdaq Stockholm)

Based in Lund, Sweden


Was in phase II/III trial with a SERCa2a gene therapy to help heart failure patients hearts to beat without increasing their oxygen consumption.

Invested in 2010

IPO in 2013 – CLDN (Nasdaq)

Based in La Jolla, California, USA 

Curzion Pharmaceuticals

Curzion was developing a compound for Diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis (dcSSc), a rare, chronic autoimmune disease marked by fibrosis, or skin thickening, in areas including hands, forearms, upper arms and thighs. The compound was approaching phase 2b studies.

Invested in 2019

Acquired by Horizon in 2020

Based in San Diego, USA

Cydan Development

Cydan Development is an orphan drug accelerator that identifies and de-risks drug candidates targeting orphan and rare diseases and forms stand-alone companies and strategic partnerships around successful such candidates. Vtesse and Imara are two company spin outs from Cydan.

Invested in 2013 / 2017

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA 

DBV Technologies

Develops patches for desensitization of food allergy using epicutaneous delivery. The lead program is in late stage clinical trials for peanut allergy desensitization.

Invested in 2010

IPO in 2013 (Euronext Paris)

Based in Bagneux, Ill-de-France, France

DYSIS Medical LTD.

DYSIS develops and markets next generation colposcopes for early detection and diagnosis of cervical cancer. The DYSIS colposcope is a high resolution digital colposcope producing an adjunctive map. The DYSISmap is generated by a proprietary technology that measures the aceto-whitening reaction and summarizes it in the form of an intuitive map. The DYSISmap is overlaid on the live image of the cervix to help with the identification of the most relevant biopsy sites.

Invested in 2013

Based in Livingstone, Edinburgh, UK

Enterome Bioscience

Enterome is pioneering the development of novel pharmaceuticals and diagnostics to support personalized therapies in microbiome-related diseases such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), cancer and metabolic diseases. Enterome is in Phase I with a FImH inhibitor to reduce AIEC burden in Crohn’s Disease patients.

Invested in 2012

Based in Paris, France


Discovery of new pharmaceuticals for the treatment of cancer within the field of epigenetics.

Invested in 2010

Acquired by Gilead in 2015

Based in Foster City, California, USA 

Iconic Therapeutics

Iconic Therapeutics targets Tissue Factor (TF) in angiogenesis, inflammation, cell growth and metastasis to treat ophthalmologic, oncologic, and autoimmune diseases. Is in Phase II clinical trials in wet-AMD.

Invested in 2014

Based in San Francisco, USA 


Imara is in Phase II with a novel, chronic, oral treatment for patients with sickle cell disease and other haemoglobinopathies.

Invested in 2016

IPO in 2020 – IMRA (Nasdaq)

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA

LEXEO Therapeutics

LEXEO Therapeutics’ pipeline consists of adeno-associated virus (AAV)-mediated therapies primarily developed at Weill Cornell Medicine’s Department of Genetic Medicine. Beyond LEXEO Therapeutics’ lead programs – which are focused on both rare and non-rare monogenic (single gene mutation) diseases – the company’s preclinical pipeline spans monogenic diseases, as well as hereditary and acquired diseases across a spectrum of patient population sizes and a range of unmet medical needs. Importantly, LEXEO Therapeutics will focus on advancing clinical programs through to commercialization, with the goal of maintaining an ongoing research collaboration with Weill Cornell Medicine’s Department of Genetic Medicine to help advance the company’s pre-clinical pipeline.

Invested in 2020

Based in New York, USA


Nexstim offers navigated brain stimulation solutions which help diagnose and treat challenging brain diseases and disorders with confidence. 

Invested in 2011

IPO in 2014 – NXTMS (Nasdaq Finland)

Based in Helsinki, Finland

Psioxus Therapeutics LTD. 

PsiOxus has developed the proprietary Tumor-Specific Immuno-Gene therapy (T-SIGn) platform for systemic delivery of tumor-targeted oncolytic immune therapeutics. The lead oncolytic virus, Enadenotucirev, is currently in a clinical trial in combination with nivolumab (Opdivo ®) in collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squib (BMS). The T-SIGn platform is further enhanced through “arming” the virus with transgenes expressing one or more antibodies, cytokines, immunomodulatory proteins, or nucleotide (RNA) based payloads. T-SIGn thus opens up the possibility of gene therapy for cancer. 

Invested in 2012

Based in Oxford, UK 

Reneo Pharmaceuticals

Reneo has a highly experienced Orphan Diseases development team. They are developing an in-licensed, clinical stage small molecule to treat severe orphan genetic diseases that presently have no pharmaceutical treatments.

Invested in 2018

Based in San Diego, USA

River Vision LLC.

Developed a biologic to treat the orphan eye disorder Graves Orbitopathy, a very debilitating condition that ultimately can lead to blindness.

Invested in 2012

Acquired by Horizon in 2017

Based in New York, USA


Sanifit develops SNF472 –for calcification disorders such as end-stage renal disease (ESRD) and calciphylaxis. SNF472, is currently in clinical phase II in both indications.

Invested in 2015

Based in Palma de Mallorca, Spain


scPharmaceuticals provides subcutaneous administration of therapies that have previously been limited to intravenous, or IV, delivery reducing overall healthcare costs and advances the quality and convenience of care. The lead product Furoscix, is under development for treatment of worsening, or decompensated, heart failure outside of the inpatient setting.

Invested in 2014

IPO in 2017 – SCPH (Nasdaq)

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Spero Therapeutics

Spero has a pipeline of novel treatments for multi-drug resistant (MDR) bacterial infections. Two programs are in clinical phase I.

Invested in 2015

IPO in 2017 – SPRO (Nasdaq)

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Syntaxin Ltd.

Syntaxin developed bacterial-based protein therapeutics that inhibit cell secretion for the treatment of neurological, inflammatory and endocrine diseases. 

Invested in 2010

Acquired by Ipsen in 2013

Based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK


Thesan Pharmaceuticals developed novel therapeutics for disorders of the skin.

Invested in 2014

Based in San Diego, USA 

Tiburio Therapeutics

Tiburio is progressing two clinical stage compounds, TBR-760 for the treatment of non-functioning pituitary adenoma (NFPA) and TBR-065 for additional rare endocrine diseases.

Invested in 2019

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Trevi Therapeutics

Trevi Therapeutics develops Nalbuphine® ER for chronic pruritus (itch). The Company has generated clinical proof of concept data in two important itch conditions: uremic pruritus and prurigo nodularis.and is starting phase IIb clinical studies.

Invested in 2017

IPO in 2019 – TRVL (Nasdaq)

Based in New Haven, Connecticut, USA


VarmX’s lead compound VMX-COO1 is intended to safely and effectively restore hemostasis in case of bleeding or emergency surgery in patients taking so-called oral factor Xa inhibitors.

Invested in 2020

Based in Leiden, The Netherlands

Veloxis Pharmaceuticals A/S

Veloxis has developed Envarsus® XR (once daily tacrolimus extended-release tablets) based upon the company’s delivery technology, MeltDose®. The company markets Envarsus® in USA. This immunosuppressant is used to prevent organ rejection after transplantations. Marketing partner in Europa is Chiesi.

Invested in 2009

IPO in 2006 – VELO (Nasdaq Copenhagen)

Acquired by Asahi Kasei Group in 2019

Based in Edison, New Jersey, USA


VHsquared has developed a platform of oral biologics – Vorabodies™ – for inflammatory bowel disease. Vorabodies™ are oral gut-restricted domain antibodies directed at local immuno-inflammatory targets in the GI tract. Is in phase II trials in Crohn’s Disease with V565.

Invested in 2013

Based in Cambridge, UK

Vtesse Pharma

Developed VTS-270 to treat patients with Niemann-Pick Disease Type C.

Invested in 2014

Acquired by Sucampo Pharmaceuticals in 2017

Based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA


Developed dermatological drugs, the lead being an H4 receptor antagonist tested in Atopic Dermatitis and Psoriasis patients.

Invested in 2014

Acquired by Novartis in 2016

Basend in San Francisco, USA 

Lundbeckfonden Ventures


Acacia Pharma Group plc – Admission to Trading on Euronext Brussels
23. februar 2021
Acacia Pharma Group PLC – Results of Placing – EUR 27 million Raised to Invest Further in US Launch and Commercialization Activities
19. februar 2021
Acacia Pharma Group PLC – Issue of Equity on Exercise of Options/Vesting of Performance Share Awards
12. februar 2021